From The Founder

My name is Henri Duong and I'm a tech entrepreneur and American veteran who served as a reserve Jet Propulsion Maintainer for US Air Force from 2010 - 2016.

My inspiration comes first and foremost from all the veterans - my brothers & sisters - out there who have served and whom are still serving this great nation.

I realized after spending a good amount of money + time on searching online outfitters for outerwear and gear that there weren't any great places where I could simply find everything I needed. 

This is my attempt at creating such a place. 

Over the years I've acquired the art of design + storytelling.  I am attempting to express my sense of adventure, professionalism, and interests through this platform.

My "WHY" for this project is simple: grow my network of like minded men and build a business that will allow me to continue to grow as a human being, become self sustained, support my family and the causes I care about.

On a personal note: God is awesome, family is great, I hate terrorists, I love helping out a friend, driving Land Rovers + classic cars, surfing big waves, riding motorcycles, shooting guns, hunting, supporting non-profits and venturing with software startups.  

Connect with me at Instagram @HDventures and also at