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#GivingTuesday: Elite Meet

Ever wondered what happens to Navy SEALs and other elite veterans once they leave the military? They go job hunting, just like everybody else looking for a new career. Except special operators and fighter pilots have spent on average 10 or more prime income earning years out of today’s offices and businesses and inside of combat units that demand all of their time, leaving no room for post-military career exploration until their separation is upon them; finding their place in the civilian world is nearly as big a challenge as anything they have faced in training or in combat. John Allen is the Navy SEAL who co-founded a non-profit (Elite Meet) designed exclusively for Navy SEALs, fighter pilots & other elite...

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21 Lessons On Raising A Leader

Here are a few points we can agree with! A prepared approach and adaptation from 52 Things Every Father Should Teach His Sons     1) How To Shoot A Gun There are no excuses as to why you aren't the one to teach your children the laws of being safe around firearms and how to protect others from bad guys. While other kids are detached from the reality of life and consumed by video games your children will be ready when real fit hits the real shan! 2) The Power of Will & Determination Your mind is your greatest asset and within it is the WILL, and the right attitude is the DETERMINATION, you can accomplish anything you set out to do. Make...

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Make A Wave

Make a Wave is a revolutionary social media platform that promotes acts of kindness and tracks good deeds through the passing of dedicated coins.  Founded by Entrepreneur & former Navy Seal Kevin Kirk

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