Thankful For Year One

It was around this time last year that I sat in my kitchen and decided that I was going to start a side hustle. It was going to be a brand called Alpha GRX.  I was inspired by online companies selling "Soft Shell" jackets and saw all the comments of hunters and outdoorsmen pouring in. I actually bought one myself to see what the product would look and feel like.  After 4 weeks I realized timing of shipment was horrid but somehow I didn't mind the wait.

I eventually looked up the gear and saw it on Alibaba and realized this could be done by anyone. On ThanksGiving night I signed up to Shopify and started the work.  It took me about 8-10 hours to hook everything into place and that included the drop-shipping from Alibaba. I had a vision of adding gear from veteran owned businesses and the name AlphaGRX was originally supposed to be AlphaGearExchange but that was way too long of a name. 

Right around this same time I linked up with the guys at Elite Meet which is a non-profit that does work around supporting vetted SOF veterans transition from service over to rewarding civilian careers and opportunities.  I came in as a professional to link up with at least one person to see what impact I could make. Within about a week of chatting on Slack with the community the universe brought Taylor Canfield onto this journey with me and we became partners resolving to find the way through to creating this brand.

A few months into the business we were able to bring on other patriot entrepreneurs into the mix as our partners and it has been a humbling experience learning about the logistical side of the business of manufacturing and producing high quality goods. For those who have been with us since day one you've seen the brand transformation and we couldn't be more thankful for these men in our lives and in our business.

We continue to be thankful on a daily basis - much love to our friends and family who have supported us through the process.  Thank you to all our brand ambassadors for always being faithful, our tribe at Op Surf, Elite Meet, First Care Provider, and Brother Born for embracing our young brand. We look to 2019 with an open heart to serve more customers with thoughtful design and quality goods.

Until next time - be good to one another and be kind to yourself. Discover the way through - own your process and JUST SEND IT! 


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