The SNIPER Collection

Another late night of working all day and putting in the time to push out orders while also putting down a collection that is close to my heart...

Some of our modern day legends and heroes serve in our armed forces as snipers.  They inspire all of us in one way shape or form to shoot straighter and farther in every aspects of our lives. 

The SNIPER collection is a tribute - simple, lethal, smooth and gets you down range with little frills...all business - all day.

Like it - share it.  Buy the collection for only $149 HERE (save $73 at the checkout).

 sniper collection

1. AGRX Recon J

2. AGRX Thermal Fleece Lined Pants

3. AGRX Northwood Baseball Cap

4. SilencerCo 9m

5. AGRX Tactical Shooting Gloves

6. Small Arms Range Bag

7. Ruger Precision Rifle

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