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Fatherlessness In America

BottleBreacher Founder & CEO shares some great observations around the probably causes of violence by men in America.  In the recent wake of several more school shootings our nation - We have all been asking:  Why? + What can we do to stop it?

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21 Lessons On Raising A Leader

Here are a few points we can agree with! A prepared approach and adaptation from 52 Things Every Father Should Teach His Sons     1) How To Shoot A Gun There are no excuses as to why you aren't the one to teach your children the laws of being safe around firearms and how to protect others from bad guys. While other kids are detached from the reality of life and consumed by video games your children will be ready when real fit hits the real shan! 2) The Power of Will & Determination Your mind is your greatest asset and within it is the WILL, and the right attitude is the DETERMINATION, you can accomplish anything you set out to do. Make...

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