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Thankful For Year One

It was around this time last year that I sat in my kitchen and decided that I was going to start a side hustle. It was going to be a brand called Alpha GRX.  I was inspired by online companies selling "Soft Shell" jackets and saw all the comments of hunters and outdoorsmen pouring in. I actually bought one myself to see what the product would look and feel like.  After 4 weeks I realized timing of shipment was horrid but somehow I didn't mind the wait. I eventually looked up the gear and saw it on Alibaba and realized this could be done by anyone. On ThanksGiving night I signed up to Shopify and started the work.  It took me about...

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Fatherlessness In America

BottleBreacher Founder & CEO shares some great observations around the probably causes of violence by men in America.  In the recent wake of several more school shootings our nation - We have all been asking:  Why? + What can we do to stop it?

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